Marvelous Pricing:

Left chest (up to 5 inches): $25 Mid size (b/w 5-8 inches) $50 Jacket back (above 8 inches) $100 According to Stitch count $4/1000.

Turnaround time:

Files will be returned within 24 hours, except on public holidays. Super urgent requests processed within few hours at no extra charge.

Magnificent Quality:

We do absolutely no auto punching. We'll send back any format you like dst, cnd, ofm, exp etc. If required by customer we send back original files. In order to consistently deliver high quality technology-enabled business solutions to clients, Power Digitizing is armed with a comprehensive quality management system which is a perfect combination of tools, teams and processes. We have well documented processes and procedures in place for all our operating divisions which ensure our strict adherence to quality throughout the project cycle.

Convenient to place orders:

Log onto our website or email us with your order details at design@powerdigitizing.com.

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